Trials And Tribulations (song)
The Album The Song Is In, Trials And Tribulations.
Background Info
Album Released Under Trials And Tribulations
Track Listing Number Track Number One
Length 3:08
Personnel And Tracks
Writers Antoine McColister, Mervin Riviere, Bryan Johnson
Producers The Renegades
Guest Star? None
 Trials And Tribulations (styled Trials & Tribulations) is the first track of its namesake album, Trials And Tribulations

Song ReviewsEdit

1. “The title track continues this theme, each line detailing the obstacles Ace has overcome in recent years. He begs for forgiveness while describing his personal demons, and mentions the recent death of his infant daughter, which he holds himself accountable for.”                               - William Cannon from HotNewHipHop, referring to his description of the intro track, “Testimony”.            

2. “On the title track, for example, he begs for forgiveness after listing off his personal demons, from his hustles as a teenager to the recent death of his infant daughter, which he seemingly holds himself accountable for.”                                                                             - Eric Diep from XXL Magazine, referring to his description of the life of crime/innocence issue that is a “conflict we’ve heard many times in hip-hop”.

3. “Like on the title track, he talks about his trials and tribulations in the first verse and in the second he talks about how he overcame them.”

	                                                                                                                                                                - Amazon customer Hip-Hop-Fan2786 backing up reasons he thinks the album is the most personal of Ace’s career.


I speak on behalf of the people Hope, Faith We all got a story, this is me

Okay, please forgive me father all the sinning I done did

All the dirt I had to do

All the trouble I've been in

Went through trials and tribulations every day to make some ends

I'm a walkin' testimony still I stand yet again

You don't know shit that I been through all this pain ain't that the truth

So much tears that I done cried feeling like I ain't got shit to lose

Why my granny passed away why my daughter didn't stay

Wish they both was here today oh Lord in Jesus name

I done been through hell and back momma dodgin' heart attacks

Ain't no A/C in the house just a broken thermostat

Bill collectors on my line please don't fuckin' call me back

Got me stressin' about this shit ain't no way I could relax

I was only eighteen ain't no money comin' fast

Had no choice but turn to God take some trouble of her back

Everything just goin' wrong feel like nothin' goin' right

I just seen my homie Dale and he die within the night

Boy these streets ain't nothin' nice had to make way out the hood

Don't nobody give a damn had to make sure we was good

Just like that before you knew it I had got my record deal

When you make it from the bottom just imagine how it feel

Lord knows them niggas hate everybody had a doubt

Who this nigga think he is that little black boy from the south

They was laughin' at me then ain't no laughin' at me now

And for those who don't believe ask em now who run the town

Ain't no way I'm givin' up ain't no way I'm givin' in

I done lost it all before can't go through this shit again no (no)

Lord forgive me for what I'm about to do forgive me for my sins for the known for the unknown amen

Let me get it back to legit to quit porsche got two percented tint

Bitch I made so many hits look how quickly they forget

Go ahead and count me out you can talk behind my back

Don't give a fuck about what you say so you think my music wack

That ain't what my banker said couple million wired in

Hope I see a hundred more that's before retirement

Motivation on you hoes ain't no waitin' on the dough

Heard they prayin' that I fail tell them Ace will never fold

I'm a walkin' testimony and I mean just what I say

Looked my daughter in her eyes right before she passed away

Watched them doctors pull the plug don't wanna live another day

This was all in God's fate could not be no other way

How I did it, I kept my faith

They tried to break me but there ain't no way

I kept my focus whipped up the potion

And when you make it out the struggle you the chosen

I seen the light oh glory glory trials and tribulations my life is a story

And everything I did to make it made me who I am today

We the Best is in my blood ain't no father around to thank

I'm a lion in this field and my heart is made of steel

Catch me speedin' to the top hollerin' God take the wheel

Have mercy and even though we all are not perfect

Forgive me

Ace Hood - Trials & Tribulations (Trials & Tribulations)

Ace Hood - Trials & Tribulations (Trials & Tribulations)

The First Full Track From Ace Hood's Fourth Album.